Minimalism and comfort: two key elements of fashion

Minimalism in fashion

We will be talking about minimalisme in fashion, a key element part of Sunday Life's DNA. More than a trend, this is a life philosophy. 

Constantly bombarded with information in a fast-paced connected world, we need more than ever to return to the basics. There is a growing desire to adopt a simpler lifestyle and a simpler way of dressing: we keep only the essentials. Social pressure makes us highly aware of our environmental impact, leading us to focus on quality pieces that can be seamlessly integrated into our daily wardrobe. Minimalist fashion thus emerges as a response to this need for simplicity and elegance. It embodies an art of living where comfort and sophistication harmoniously coexist, offering a refreshing alternative to the extravagances of the past. The goal is to restore the primary function of clothing, which is to dress.

Elegance is found in the simplicity of garments. Gone are the days of extravagant patterns and bright synthetic fabrics; major fashion houses now agree on refined textiles, aligning with the emerging trend of Quiet Luxury. Fabrics that bring lightness and comfort to the outfit, with very discreet logos, allow women to feel comfortable while remaining chic. Additionally, minimalism is also evident in color choices, favoring neutral or pastel tones, thus enhancing the versatility and adaptability of pieces. Each item in our wardrobe becomes essential and can be infinitely matched.


Minimalism through Sunday Life's prisme  

This minimalist fashion perfectly aligns with the vision of designer Pei CHEN, who has made the comfort of Chinese fashion and the elegance of French fashion the pillars of the Sunday Life brand.

The brand emphasizes pieces entirely designed in France and produced in our own workshops in China. Fabrics are carefully selected by Sunday Life to meet the need for garment quality and daily comfort. Technicality and delicacy are two major criteria in the selection of these Japanese fabrics, offering a sensation of everyday luxury. This choice ensures a comfortable fit and durability of the pieces.

The SS24 collection embodies this philosophy by offering a range of clean and sophisticated clothing, designed to be worn and appreciated across seasons. Selected shades like pale yellow or pastel pink bring brightness to your wardrobe while preserving the versatility of the pieces, allowing you to easily pair them with other wardrobe items.


Let's Take a Closer Look at Three of Our Minimalist Pieces

The Rosélie dress

It skillfully combines technicality and delicacy, with a precise cut and carefully chosen materials. It combines the sporty side of a fitted top with the light elegance of a skirt, creating a unique balance. Stitching details at the waist add a sophisticated touch to this piece. The length of the dress adds extra comfort so you can wear this piece daily.



    Christelle pants

    It represents an essential element of our collection which perfectly embodies the marriage between comfort and elegance. With its loose cut and neutral tones, it seems simple at first glance, but stands out for the sophistication of its side openings. These details add a touch of lightness to this versatile piece, perfect for both daytime and a chic evening. An essential in your wardrobe.


      The Fila tank top

      Pastel yellow perfectly embodies the Sunday Life spirit. Designed in a cotton and linen blend, it offers incomparable comfort, while sophisticated details such as the opening and fringes at the bottom add a touch of elegance to this unique piece. Its versatility is also remarkable, being able to be worn alone or with a blouse underneath, making it an adaptable choice for different seasons.

        Whether in our clothing choices or daily decisions, minimalism has much to teach us. More than ever, we are encouraged to choose and consume less, while consuming better.